Around The Golfe Hotel

An ideal situation in South Corsica


Les plages

South of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, the beach of Palombaggia and the Bay of Santa Giulia, with the appearance of Polynesian lagoons, are emblematic of the natural beauties of the extreme south. A paradise for water sports.
Between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio and Anse de Rondinara and the Gulf of Santa Manza have preserved their wild appearance and still enjoy relative tranquility.
North of Porto-Vecchio the county follows a route between coastline and pine forests. Passing through the Bay of Stagnolu and the tip of the Benedettu, its Genoese tower and its Roman oppidum, it then leads to the small beach of Cala Rossa then skirts the Bay of Saint Cyprien and its turquoise waters until the magnificent gulf of Pinarellu, its Genoese tower and its small marina very lively in summer, So many places with discreet charms where there is a certain sweetness to live in the shade of pine and cork oak forests.

Porto-Vecchio, La Cité du Sel

Built on huge pink Porphyry rocks, the fortifications with their five bastions are now home to the old town and its many small shops.
The exploitation of salt, coal and cork, were at the time the main sources of income of the city. Today it has become one of the most important tourist resorts in Corsica.
The point of Chiappa, topped by a lighthouse and a semaphore, closes the gulf of Porto-Vecchio and offers a panoramic view of the extreme south. The Cerbicale Islands, protected by the Natural Reserve of the Mouths of Bonifacio, can be seen in the distance.

L'Alta Rocca

Hole in the Bomb
Natural curiosity due to erosion, a hike takes place on the plateau of Vélaco, south of the pass of Bavella, in a beautiful forest of pines laricciu
Half an hour from Porto-Vecchio, 900 metres above sea level, a small village in the municipality of Porto-Vecchio
Superb view of the valley, the dam of the same name not to be missed.
Cuscionu plateau located on the border of the Alta Rocca and Taravu regions, exceptional natural environments such as the pozzines (water holes), rare and endemic flora and fauna, a summer territory, place of transhumance, a strong geological interest.

L'Extréme Sud

Citadel overlooking limestone cliffs.
Protected archipelago dependent on the nature reserve of the mouths of Bonifacio.
Coastal walk, shuttle and cruise from Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio
Place on the coast between Sartène and Porto-Vecchio
The Lion of Roccapina has to be visited, carved in the rock by time and spray, also museum of Roccapina and accessible beach

Des Randonnées remarquables!

At the exit of the Village de Trinité, a branch on the left leads to the megalithic site of Arraggio, thirty minutes walk from the hamlet of the same name. A spectacular Torrean complex that offers an exceptional view of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio and its coastal hills.

Offering pleasant bathing sites and family walks along the water.
Commune of Saint Lucia de Porto Vecchio direction Taglio Rossu.

The waterfall of Piscia di Gallo «Fir Waterfall») is located on the borders of Freto and Alta Rocca, at the bottom of the Oso valley, in the municipality of San-Gavino-di-Carbini, in Corsica.

At the exit of the village of Monaccia d'Aulène, the heritage trail will lead you to some architectural curiosities that are the «ORII: small constructions in the rocks , making think of houses of hobbits

One of the hardest trails in Europe and also the most coveted of great hikers.
From North to South, this trail crosses Corsica, passing through Conca, a distance of about 180 km, discover the fauna and flora and the unique natural heritage of Corsica