Restaurant Golfe Hotel Porto Vecchio


Breakfast - Cold Buffet

Buffet Continental cold, All the benefits of a full breakfast to start a nice day. Many Corsican flavors are present.

10 families of products make up this buffet:
Drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate, cappuccino, milk, infusion)
Fruit juices (Orange, Apple)
Fruit (whole or salad)
Breads (white, brioche and cereal), pastries (croissants, chocolate bread, raisin bread, cake and pancakes).
Dairy products (yogurt, cheese)
Products to spread (jam, honey)
Sugar products (sugar, sweetener)
Oils and fats (butter)
Salted products (white ham, coppa, hard-boiled egg, etc.)

*We try to present local Corsican products according to the supply,

Les boissons (café, thé, chocolat, cappuccino, lait, infusion)
Les jus de fruits (Orange, ACE)
Les fruits (entiers ou en salade)
Les pains (blanc, brioché et céréales), viennoiseries (croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins)
Les gâteaux fait maison et crêpes.
Les céréales
Les produits laitiers (yaourt, fromage, beurre)
Les produits à tartiner (confiture, miel)
Les produits salés (jambon blanc, coppa, œuf dur…)

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